RDG Flight Services LLC has been established by retired Bell Helicopter Test Pilot Richard (Rick) Gorton.  Rick worked for Bell from 1993 until 2013.   He began his career at Bell Helicopter as a Production Test Pilot and at his retirement, he was assigned to the Experimental Flight Test Facility XworX.  He also often worked as an Instructor Pilot at the Bell Training Academy.  While at Bell, Rick also attended the U.S. National Test Pilot School in Mohave California completing the Rotary Wing Test Pilot short course.  Prior to coming to Bell Helicopter, Rick retired from the U.S. Army as a Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CW4) Master Aviator.

One of Rick's assignments while at Bell Helicopter was to oversee and coordinate aircraft delivery, relocation and marketing demonstration flights. This included international flight planning, pilot scheduling and cost estimating. He also completed many domestic and international helicopter delivery flights, with special emphasis on to and through all of the Americas.

RDG Flight Services has pilots who are qualified in most makes and models of helicopters.  We specialize in helicopters however, we also have contact with fixed wing qualified pilots as well.

Check with us.  We will be happy to discuss your needs and work with you to an acceptable solution.